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Our mission is to extend the life of toys with intelligent, sustainable smart toys that grow with the child

Lenabo Smart Speaker

"Our smart toys remain relevant for years thanks to age-appropriate content, versatile functions and sustainable materials. In this way, we set an example against overconsumption and ensure more efficiency and fun in the children's room."


Product Lifecycle

... goes far beyond that of conventional toys and evolves with kids from birth to pre-school age to provide a sustainable edutainment experience.

Smart Technology

... and seamless connectivity bringing our corresponding and constantly evolving portfolio of physical toys to life.

Smart Toy Ecosystem

... allows for easy transferability and expansion of usage options to multiple toy categories.

Growing Audio Content

... available via our dedicated Lenabo App enrich the product experience.

Lenabo Smart Speaker

Bringing toys to life

The Lenabo speaker is a unique, smart device that brings toys to life with exciting stories, cheerful songs and educational activities. Its compact, child-friendly shape makes it the perfect travelling companion and allows for seamless integration with various toys. Designed to grow with your child, the Lenabo Smart Speaker offers a world of auditory adventures - from first sounds to exciting learning. The Lenabo ecosystem is designed for children aged 0 to 7 years and offers age-appropriate content that grows with the child's stage of development.


Smart toys can also be soft and fluffy

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Lenabies, where cute plush friends and innovative technology merge to create an unforgettable experience. Our Lenabo speaker brings the Lenabies to life and transforms them into a sleep aid for babies.


Easy control via the Lenabo App

Lenabo Icon

Seamless integration with our app improves the product experience and offers parents a user-friendly overall package. It can be used to control the smart speaker and access additional content for an enhanced play experience.

Lenabo App
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