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Welcome to the magical world of Lenabies

The Lenabies - Our First Enchanting Product Line

We are delighted to introduce our first product range: The Lenabies! This line represents a perfect symbiosis of cuddly playmates and advanced technology, specially designed to make bedtime a soothing and magical experience for babies.

Lenabo speakers - the key to dream worlds

Our Lenabies transform into more than just cuddly toys when combined with the innovative Lenabo speaker. They become ambassadors of magical sleepy worlds. Each Lenabo speaker, placed in one of our lovingly designed cuddly toys, unleashes gentle, soothing sounds that gently lull babies to sleep and stimulate their imagination.

The art of falling into slumbers

Place the Lenabo speaker in one of our Lenabies and the relaxing journey to the land of dreams begins. The Lenabies are divided into different categories, each with its own character and specially selected lullabies designed to help your child sleep peacefully and restfully. Experience how this first product line lovingly supports and enriches the process of putting your baby to sleep.


Personalised companions with unique accessories

Each Lenabie comes with its own unique human accessory, making them personalised companions and creating an initial personal connection. This special feature makes each Lenabie an unmistakable and individual friend for your child.

A world that grows with you

The world of Lenabies is alive and constantly growing.We are starting with enchanting Lenabies from the Forest and Island theme worlds and plan to continuously discover and develop new and exciting theme worlds.In this way, the journey with Lenabies will always be exciting and varied, in keeping with the evolving world of children.

By inserting the Lenabo speaker into the Lenabies, you can create customised audio experiences, such as gentle lullabies to lull our little ones to sleep.

Island Characters

lenabo Mia


Mia is a gentle shell who knows the secrets of the sea. She tells fairytale stories about the depths of the ocean and teaches children about the beauty and diversity of sea creatures.

lenabo Toni


Toni is a lively surfboard that dances on the waves of the island world. He teaches the children how to surf and tells them about the adventures of the sea and the importance of water.

lenabo Lina


Lina is a light, airy cloud that floats over the island world.She tells of the wide world above the clouds and the dreams that can come true high up in the air.

Forest Characters

lenabo Felix


Felix is a cheerful, adventurous mushroom who lives in the mysterious forest. He loves solving puzzles and telling children all about nature. His stories are full of excitement and teach the importance of the environment

lenabo Max


Max is a strong and courageous bear who is at home in the dense forest. He tells stories of friendship and courage and takes the children on exciting exploratory tours through his forest.

lenabo Nina


Nina is an elegant and supple puma lady who roams through the forest. She teaches the importance of dexterity and speed and tells of the secret paths of the forest.

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