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The Lenabo app turns your smartphone into an intuitive remote control for the Lenabo Smart Speaker. The app also enables seamless interaction with the Lenabo ecosystem. As your child grows, the content of our smart toys grows with them: The Lenabo app grants users easy access to a wide selection of audio content from the Lenabo Audio Cloud, so that the audio output of Lenabo Smart Toys can always be adapted to the developmental stage of children.


In a nutshell: If you buy our speaker with the Lenabies, you can initially use it as a sleep aid for your baby. As your child matures, so do we. We will soon be offering age-appropriate content specially tailored to the Lenabies motif for download via the app. This customised content not only enhances the character of each individual Lenabie, but is a key element of our unique concept that encourages children's imagination and development in an innovative way.


The online media library will feature a diverse collection of sonic experiences. From soothing sounds such as white noise, to lulling bedtime songs and stories, to captivating audio dramas and educational content, there is something for every child.



Your child grows with our smart toys

The app enhances the user experience with numerous exciting ways to connect with the Lenabo Smart Toys. Each of these smart toys has unique sound profiles that are perfectly matched to their individual design and the content they support. The highlight: once transferred, the content on the Smart Speaker is also available offline, making it the perfect companion for travelling. The smart speaker also remembers the settings made with the app and continues to use them even after the app is closed.

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