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Lenabo's experiences at the Spielwarenmesse 2024: networking, trends and a look at the competition

We network with manufacturers

At the trade fair, we had direct dialogue with manufacturers. These experts understand the toy industry and its rules very well. The discussions gave us the opportunity to talk about future collaborations. Such partnerships are crucial to the further development of our products.

We gain insights at the Toy Business Forum

At the Toy Business Forum, we experienced how experts presented the latest industry trends. The presentations provided us with valuable information about the future of toys, particularly in the areas of digitalisation and sustainability. These new insights will help us to improve our products and strategies.

We see the value in competition

Meeting our competitors at the trade fair gave us the opportunity for self-reflection. Observing their products and strategies was incredibly instructive. This helped us to recognise our strengths and sharpen our offerings. We see the competition as a motivating challenge that drives us to remain innovative.


Spielwarenmesse 2024 was an important event for Lenabo. It gave us the opportunity to make valuable contacts, gain deeper insights into current market trends and assess our position against the competition. Motivated by these insights, we look forward to improving our smart toys even further.

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