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Our mission is to extend the life of toys

Co Founder Lenabo GmbH mit Lenabo Smart Speaker

In today's fast-paced consumer age, toys are unfortunately often short-lived and contribute significantly to environmental pollution. A study by the Toy Industry Association shows that over 80% of all toys end up in the rubbish bin within the first year of their life cycle. At Lenabo, we are committed to reversing this trend.

Longevity through adaptability

Lenabo is committed to extending the life of toys through intelligent, adaptable and sustainably designed products. Our smart toys, led by the Lenabo Smart Speaker, are designed to grow with the child. Instead of buying multiple toys for different stages of development, our system allows for constant customisation of content. 

From soothing sleep companion to inspiring storyteller

Our smart speaker breathes life into the plush characters from our first product line. These plush characters start their journey as a gentle sleep aid, gently lulling newborns to sleep with cosy sounds. But this is just the beginning: as children grow up, their needs change and our innovative toys evolve with them. The intuitively designed Lenabo app allows parents to easily customise the content. The simple music box becomes a captivating storyteller that offers age-appropriate narratives, stimulating children's imaginations and broadening their horizons. Our toy will accompany your child for many years and grow from a soothing bedtime helper to a companion for entertaining and educational adventures.

Our approach to sustainability

At Lenabo, we take a holistic approach to sustainability, which is reflected both in the selection of our materials and in the design of our products. Our toys are preferably made from recycled materials, which significantly reduces the consumption of virgin resources and helps to minimise the waste cycle. This practice extends not only to the sourcing of materials, but also to the lifespan of the toys themselves. Lenabo products are designed to grow with the child and can be used for years to come. Through regular updates and customisation options via our app, we extend the useful life of each toy, reducing the need for new purchases and promoting more sustainable consumption. This comprehensive approach to sustainability demonstrates our commitment to not only protecting the environment, but also creating valuable and enriching toys for the long term.

Educationally valuable

In addition to sustainability, education is also important to us at Lenabo. Our toys not only provide entertainment, but also actively promote children's development. By combining physical toys and digital content, we can create dynamic, screen-free learning experiences that engage children on different levels. Our Lenabo app also allows parents to regularly update the content to meet the changing needs of their children.

Integration of technology

The integration of the latest technologies makes our toys future-proof and interactive. The Lenabo Smart Speaker uses smart technology to recognise the toys and play audio content to match the toy's theme. This creates an interactive experience that engages and teaches children at the same time. At Lenabo, we pride ourselves on revolutionising toys and making a lasting change in the toy industry. Discover with us a world where toys stand the test of time and childhood memories are not only lasting but also educational.

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